Whenever the teeth are damaged due to injury or decay, the blood going to the tooth pulp may be restricted, possibly resulting to an infection. This infection could then lead to abscess of the tooth and can be quite painful.

If the infection remained untreated, it could spread and damage the tooth's root canal. In most cases, extraction of the infected tooth is done. The extraction procedure is called a root canal treatment, under the endodontics field of dentistry.

A root canal procedure is relatively complicated and can not be hastened. The dentist who will perform the procedure should be skilled and experienced. There are instances when a procedure did not go as planned and resulted to a failed root canal. The tooth's condition, in this case, is worsened and a root canal re-treatment is advised. Our resident endodontist will have to be called upon to perform the re-treatment. They are dentists who specialize in endodontic treatments.

The Root Canal Procedure

Basically, a root canal procedure will involve two stages. The first one involves the removal of the dead tooth pulp from the core and root canal. During this stage, evidences of abscess are removed. The next stage will involve the filling of root canals permanently. Because the entire procedure is painful, local anaesthesia is usually given to the patient to relieve him of the discomfort.

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